Video Production

We are Hong Kong's leading video production house providing world-class content for great value for clients.

We love what we do, it is our craft
and it is the reason our clients choose to work with us time and time again.

We are experts at producing high-value marketing videos for both online and offline use to elevate a client's brand and to expand upon their key branding message(s), including:


TVCs – brief advertisements of 90 seconds or less with higher production values aimed at introducing a brand, product or topic to a wide range of audiences over a set broadcasting schedule, can be filmed with cinema-grade cameras such as RED or ARRI;

Short Films – inspirational or storytelling videos of varying lengths dedicated to revealing a message behind a brand, product or topic;

Digital Content – branded videos primarily used for introducing products or company culture, but can also apply to videos with more reporting elements like testimonials, interviews and talking heads; and

Behind-the-Scenes – footage used to highlight the dynamic interactions between crew and talent while production is underway, can be filmed with smaller cameras such as Canon or Sony DSLRs.
Recent Videos
The conceptualization process begins, where the video's theme and execution style is established and scripts and storyboards are built around it. Set and costume designs, talent and location scouting also takes place;
The video's contents is filmed based on the plans determined in pre-production;
The recorded content is assembled and edited for public release, where color grading, musical track(s), motion graphics and special effects (if applicable) are implemented.
"Our client services team ensure a seamless process that provides the client opportunities to feedback all along the production process, and ensure your objectives are met."
At the heart of a production is our multidisciplinary crew, who synergistically meld their craft together to form the video. The exact number of staff varies per production, where the lines between their roles may blur, but a production team can be separated into seven primary groups:

Director – the primary shot caller who oversees creative elements and determines the production's execution;
Art – the creative team of writers, artists and designers who establish and build the visual elements within the production, also handle scriptwriting and storyboarding;
Production – the management team who coordinate and supervise the various elements of a production throughout its course;
Camera – the director if photography (DOP), the camera operators and videographers and crew dedicated to recording visuals;
Lighting – the gaffer and a crew dedicated to establishing lighting;
Audio – the sound engineer and crew dedicated to recording sound; and
Post Production – the video editing team who assembles and reconfigures the recorded content for public release

We are fully equipped with a range of modern video production equipment in-house, suited for 4K resolution footage and various High Definition content: including 4K RAW Cameras, rigs including gimbals and glidecams, cinema grade lenses, studio-quality audio equipment, drones, lighting, etc, which can be utilised by clients instantly, with no need for additional budget to hire equipment.​
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